Club Rules

These rules are guidelines for you and your fellow members to get the best out of the club and have fun together with a common purpose of enjoying our Classic and new MINIS. 
  • Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month 7.30pm at The Swan Inn pub, Middle Street, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PD  
  • Meetings are a casual event where children are welcome with quiz's, talks etc to enjoy. There will be no abuse of members, foul language or bad behaviour and these will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly, this also includes our social media sites and anywhere that BMC attend as a group. 
  • BMC membership is annually and due by 31st of December and will be reviewed every year. The fee for the year is £12.00 (main member must be 17 and over). One fee is payable per individual/ household(persons sharing the same address). This entitles one car per fee to register for events that are members only e.g. cavalcades or to be on club stands. The money will be used to cover the running costs of the club, such as insurance for events (public liability insurance) and BMC'S Minis on the Rec show. 
  • Membership Rules - you must attend as many meetings as possible to have benefits such as being on club stands, acquiring tickets to events and being placed first for free events. Please state if you cannot make a meeting by way of the facebook page or by way of phone call or text to a fellow member as a record is kept of who attends each meet. 
  • All persons and their vehicles attending BMC events must hold valid Tax, Insurance, and MOT. The owner and driver of any vehicle is responsible for its own maintenance, repair and recovery. Anyone attending a BMC event is responsible for their own vehicle, passengers and valuables. BMC cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or expense at any event, cruise or club event.
  • Our Facebook page is where all details for events and information on anything to do with the club can be found on If you want to know anything else about any events, more details will be available at meetings. Ideas on Quiz’s & Cruises are always welcomed. 
  • BMC Membership Cards and members' BMC E-mail accounts are the property of the club and can be withdrawn at any time. We reserve the right to refuse membership or entry to any of our events to anyone who the mini club considers unsuitable for past or current reasons. This may also be the case for some of the events we attend. 
  • Details of our chosen charity:Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice Dover Lane Arundel West Sussex BN18 9PX